canteen sandwich
The Growing Abundance Project began operating the canteens at the Castlemaine Secondary College in 2013. Our ethos compliments the community focus of the school. The aim is to serve the students and staff locally sourced and organic where possible, nutritious food that supports the local economy whilst modeling and educating the students on the benefits of doing so. Over the last 2 years of operation we have reduced the amount of junk foods that are offered at the canteens and seen an increase in the demand for healthy home made options.

In 2015 we expanded our operations to one of the local primary schools. Watch this space for more!

The canteens continue to source and celebrate local food as well as educate the students with the power of choosing ethically and the impacts our modern farmers face.

Volunteering at the canteen is always a wonderful experience. If you are interested in giving a couple of hours please contact our lovely volunteer coordinator, Debbie Taylor.

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