The Growing Abundance Project has been operating the canteen at Castlemaine Secondary College since early 2013. We serve students and staff nutritious, locally sourced food that supports the local economy while modelling and educating the students on the benefits of doing so. Over the last 4 years of operation we reduced the heavy footprint of mass produced, pre processed food that were offered at the canteens and our healthy house made options have been embraced by both students and staff.

We have significantly cut down unnecessary food and packaging waste. Our menu provides students with nutrient rich foods, and has raised their awareness of sustainable eating habits by serving food only when it is in season and from local farms.
The canteen continues to source and celebrate local food, and provides ongoing support to Castlemaine businesses.

In 2015 we expanded our operations to Castlemaine Primary School. In 2017 we added Winters Flat Primary School and North Castlemaine Primary School to our school lunch program. Our aim is to continue to add more schools from around the Shire.

Volunteering at the canteen is a great way to be involved at our local High School and supporting The Growing Abundance Project.
If you are interested in giving a couple of hours please contact:

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