IMG388Over the years that we have been runnning the Harvest Program, we have trained up a small team of expert pruners who have hands on experience with all varieties of backyard and orchard style fruit trees in all manner of wildness and disrepair.

These pruners can be engaged to help you in a number of ways to care for your fruit trees.

Generally we come in teams of two to your backyard as it is much more efficient this way. We can either prune along side you and teach you how best to look after your own trees, or we can just get in there and do the job for you.

We offer pruning in both Summer (Feb-April) and Winter (June-August) and depending on what types of trees you have and what their history is, your backyard will be better suited to either a Summer or a Winter prune.

When you contact us about coming to prune your trees, please let us know how many trees, of what varieties and roughly how big they are and what it is you would like done to them. We will then follow up with any extra questions we might have and if necessary do a quick site visit to discuss a plan of action.


  • Pension/Concession: $60/hr
  • Waged/Full: $80

These prices are for a pair of pruners to do the job. If your job is too small for two people, the prices are different:

  • Pension/Concession: $35/hr
  • Waged/Full: $40

First pruning visits are forĀ  a minimum of two hours. Follow up prunes may be shorter.

To enquire about having our pruners come and give your trees some TLC email: