Harvest update – March 2018

HARVEST 2018 is swinging, not quite in full swing, but we are getting there! We’ve had two picks this season, both out in Harcourt – highlights were the juicy Nashi’s being back in the Orchard at the foot of Mt Alexander, and Pip the pig!

In its 7th year now, the Harvest project is a big part of our community and with the threat of fruit fly getting closer we realise that maintaining our Harvest Project is more important than ever. The good news is that we have secured some funding to do this! Yeah! $10,000 from Federal Government Stronger Communities will go towards purchasing a cool room on wheels! The wonderful folk from Angel Fund have also given us some dollars to look at how we can secure the future of Harvest.

Learn more about Harvest here

Harvest involves logistics and communication with people and trees! Getting all this fruit off the trees and in the mouths of our community relies on the generosity of an awesome volunteer team. Kate and Elke are back on on board as Team Leaders (and taking on a co-ordination role). Di will be sorting fruit again and we have and a whole lot of newbies lining up to help. Ingrid is handing over the lead co-ordination of Harvest to Domani Madigan. Welcome Domani!

We need more volunteers to get involved and lighten the load. Harvest is a great way to meet new people, be in a regular supply of fruit for you and your family and you can learn a lot about fruit trees in our local area.

We need:


For more information on any of these roles email harvest@growingabundance.org.au

As always, we welcome everyone to come along on Harvests as a volunteer picker. Harvests are advertised via email. Sign up to our mailing list to be notified of upcoming Harvests.

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